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Laundry franchises have become a trend today, this business has been flourishing in many countries Indonesia, it is proving increasingly widespread, laundry emerging in various parts of the city across Indonesia, most of these adopts a laundry franchise royalties every month taken from gross income.

If you walk around the corner of the city, especially large cities, laundry counter are incredibly unusual, for example in the city of Yogyakarta, in a one kilometer road witnessed a fantastic amount of laundry , there are at least about 20 bar lined laneway , be it professional or laundry still in the household petty .

Why laundry business into a lucrative business?

no doubt that most of the Indonesian people especially love the new lifestyle that is practically odorless, it’s no secret that most of Indonesian society is a society that slacker including washing affairs, other than that, look for a maid who can do your homework has been very difficult there , they prefer to be workers or even laundry employees are the eyes of people look more cool than being a domestic helper . In addition to the above there are some more factors that make this laundry business interest many people , for example : the student population and the number of workers who do not have much time to wash , then some companies , factories and hotels prefer to hand wash job on third parties rather than create division special room in his company .

For those of you who want to jump in the laundry business will certainly be an obstacle if you do not master the intricacies of the bar itself , but do not worry ! together with other forms of businesses , for laundry areas also many programs that offer franchise , partnership or sell the complete package of laundry need , which is where you do not need to bother for trial and error again , the franchisor usually already bundled package with the system , laundrynya management and operational matters as well as for marketing .

To that end , Orchid Brand Laundry CleaniQue offers a new system for the laundry business partnership both for laundry and laundry kilogram unit . system does not use the system offered royalty or franchise fee , but only partners are obliged to purchase chemicals laundry to the laundry CleaniQue Orchid brand , in addition to the partners also have to keep the entire room including the quality of the standard operational procedure that must be executed .

brand and logo of course using Orchid Brand Laundry brands from CleaniQue , in addition to the franchisor’s obligation to provide all laundry chemicals , laundry equipment and other supplies also have to prepare a reliable promotional media for marketing purposes , among which : neonbox , billboards , brochures , x – banner , pricelist , business cards , banners , membership card , uniforms , advertising in print and electronic media , laundry bags , merchandisers , and others .

In addition to offering programs without royalty laundry franchise , laundry orchid CleaniQue brand also offers investment program , the program is also divided into two types : first for partners who want to finance 100 percent of a laundry business , or take part take part in sharing capital with several other investors , system that will be done is the profit-sharing system with a 75:25 ratio , 75 percent to 25 percent to investors and managers until the whole capital has been returned to the hands of the investor , after the return on investment ( ROI ) is achieved then the sharing ratio to 50:50 ,

How , would you be interested ?

Sorry, this offer is not longer available, but you can still make investing to Us, please call us for detail proposal

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